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Abstract Review

All contributions to the XIV Congress of the Brazilian Society of Toxinology will require the submission of an abstract, and a rigorous review procedure will be undertaken to maintain the highest scientific quality of the congress. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • the work makes a significant and original contribution to the field;

  • the scientific content falls within the scientific scope of the meeting; 

  • the abstract complies with the submission instructions.

The contributors should indicate the presentation preference (oral and/or poster) and the category to which they would like to be considered under.

The abstracts will be reviewed by the Program Committee. A score will be assigned based on the following assessment criteria for scientific content:

5 – Ground breaking research of outstanding quality and vision in the field;

4 – An innovative perspective on current understanding; high quality research providing new insights; a major development in the field; the exploitation of new scientific and health-care developments, unreported in the Toxinology field; advancing our understanding of Toxinology field;

3 – An interesting and important addition, helping the continued development of the field;

2 – A modest addition to the field, contributing to the development of a specific area;

1 – Work demonstrating little scientific innovation over and above current published work; lacking scientific data, argument or foundation.

The Organizing Committee will collect all scores, combine them into a single document and calculate the mean value. Any individual score deviating by more than 2.5 from the mean value of the scores will be eliminated to avoid outliers. Highest-ranking scores within each category will be selected for oral presentation (if the authors chose oral presentation as their preference).

  • The reviewers will also take the following matters into consideration in their assessment of the abstract.

  • The abstract is written in clear and acceptable English with few syntax and spelling mistakes;

  • The abstract follows the guidelines in terms of content and format;

  • Sufficient data is clearly presented and/or analyzed, is adequately discussed and appropriate conclusions drawn.

Failure to comply with these simple guidelines will affect the assessment score and may result in the rejection of an abstract. 



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The allocated time for oral presentations is 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes discussion. Speakers are asked to bring their USB flash drive to the conference reception desk at least 60 minutes prior to the session; presentations in PowerPoint format (PC or Mac) are preferred. Presentation equipment, including a computer, is available in the conference room and we ask all speakers to use the conference computer. Speakers will not be able to use their own personal computer. Please contact the registration desk in advance if you have questions or need assistance.

All abstracts selected for oral presentation will also be discussed during poster sessions.


The dimensions of the posters should be no more than 120 cm (height) x 90 cm (width) in portrait format. Adhesive tape for mounting the posters on the boards will be available at the poster area. Authors are responsible for the assembly and disassembly of their work in specified areas.


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