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Costão do Santinho Resort
Estr. Ver. Onildo Lemos, 2505
Praia do Santinho
Florianóplis - SC, Brazil


About Florianópolis

Florianopolis (Portuguese: Florianópolis) is the capital of the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina and it is commonly called FLORIPA. The city is located on Santa Catarina Island, with only a small part on the mainland. Two bridges link the island to the continent but at the present moment Hercílio Luz Bridge, a landmark of the city, is closed for repairs. It is planned to open in the future for pedestrians and cyclists.

Over the years, Floripa has become one of the most popular destinations in Brazil, for those who are looking for superb beaches, beautiful scenery, interesting culture and friendly people. It has also experienced a real estate boom with Brazilians, especially from the states of São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul, looking for a better quality of life away from the chaos of the big cities. It currently has an estimated population of 400,000 people.

The northern beach resorts Jurerê, Daniela, Canasvieiras, Brava and Ingleses get very busy during the summer and there are plenty of hotels, restaurants and other conveniences for the tourist. Eastern beaches, like Joaquina, Mole and Moçambique are among the best surfing beaches and popular with young people. Beaches heading south include Campeche, Armação and Morro das Pedras, which are all very beautiful and also good for surfing. Isolated and unspoiled beaches, like Lagoinha do Leste and Naufragados can be found at the southern end of the island and can only be reached by trail. The Lagoa da Conceição lagoon is a famous natural attraction, and the centerpiece of the island - sports, cuisine and entertainment are first class! The lagoon is relatively shallow, with high winds making it a world-class location for windsurfing.

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